Thursday, 22 November 2012

Make Up Artistry Course Part 2

Long time no see. I thought it was about time to post the rest of my journey here. Aw I miss it so much. I wish I could do it all over again. Even when I'm applying my own make up I feel professional. haha I have only been practicing on family since the course and have been waiting for my photo shoot photos. One is ready but the other one isn't. Just a waiting game now. Okay let carry on! 

Day 4:

On this day we learned about false lash application, glowing skin, cheek sculpting and brow shaping. As we all started off quite slow with the foundation application progress we also had the time to practice things we learned on previous days and add it to the process. Here is the picture of the lovely Laura. She already have amazing skin, so by no means it was difficult to even it out. A bit of Mac Strobe Cream with Illamasqua Skin Base to achieve this dewy finish on the skin, not greasy looking at all. Just perfect healthy looking skin. I love it these products together. Laura had lovely big eyes and an amazing socket so I just brought that out by drawing a thick black line along the lash line. I could have added a flick to extend the eye shape, but I love how big and round they look. The only thing I should have done a bit less of is shaping the eyebrow as she already have naturally dark, thick brows. Live and learn eh? Also a bit more coulour on the cheeks and accentuated the contour a bit more. But as it was the first time doing it on someone else, I was so scared to over do it. So the trick for photography is to add little by little of the makeup and take pictures as you do this process to check if you are happy with the result. Is better to add less and often then try and take it out. 

Day 5: 

It was all about lips!!! Primers, application techniques, different effects. Apparently this is the day people start crying on the course. And I now understand why. When you look closely, none of us have perfectly symmetrical lips and when it comes to photo shoots and the lip is the main feature of the make up, you can see mistakes straight away. Here Nicci showed us different techniques on us and she made it look so effortless. She took a good 5-10 min doing each of us, but when we started doing it, it took way longer!!! But practice practice practice will make it perfect and effortless one day. 

Here is Sem with an editorial look and Manuela with the perfect red lip 

Here is me with a dark berry glossy lip. I have to say, I wouldn't go out wearing this but it has definitely shown me that is applied properly, dark bold lips can look amazing! 

Hannah with glittery blue lips. Love the colours!!!

Lucy with a Natural Lip 

Day 6:

It was ethnic make up. We had lovely Festina as model all day. She was the only person to have dark skin tone in our class and we were so lucky to have her. I think we all managed to pair up with Festina and I worked with her a few times so that was a great experience. On this day we had Aga teaching us all about darker skin tones and how bright colours look amazing on these skin colours. As we only had Festina as a model on the day Aga did two different looks, one on each side. I love natural, wearable looks on everyone and is was so refreshing to see Aga using the natural colours on Festina as I have never experience anything like that. Bright colours also look ah-mazing on her skin. The bright look is not as wearable but it has shown us that colours with more depth, pigmentation to it looks better on her skin tone. Colours that are too light and cool could make her look grey. 

Decisions: what colours to use? 

Natural defined look with neutral lips

Bright bold colours 

Both looks

Unfortunately on this day I was so run down that I only watched the demo in the morning and went home after the lunch break as I could not focus any more, so I had to leave and had no practice in the afternoon. I was upset to leave, but it was for the best. I will try and upload the last part of the course as soon as I can as I have so many ideas for up coming posts! 

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